Chances are, if you are like most people – you have a closet or two, or an entire attic or basement just filled with items that you have not touched in years – items that our pawn shop Winston-Salem, NC team wants to buy, sell, and trade from you. If so, then know that some of those items may be some of value to you and your family. Even if for a little bit of cash, wouldn’t it be nice to clean sweep your place to see what prized possessions you forgot about. There may be items up in those dusty places that you have completely forgotten about, items like guns, jewelry, tools, electronics, play stations, and movies, and more that instead of collecting dust – could be collecting you cash. Curious to know what movie or piece of jewelry is worth in Forsyth County? Bring your box of valuables to Blade Runners Pawn Shop and let us tell you! We are friendly team of professionals that care about cutting you the best of best deals. As it happens, now is a great time to start sweeping your old stuff together so that you can sell it. As in, let it go.

Our Pawn Shop Winston-Salem, NC Benefits on Summer Sweeping Include: 

1. Earning Cash for What You Own. We do not cut corners of checks. We give you straight cash for items that are in top, buy-worthy condition including valuables like computers, cameras, movies, guns, games, and much more. 

2. Making Space for Other Stuff. A roommate? A computer desk? A new AC unit? A cat or dog? Once you get rid of all the old stuff, it is in with the new and who knows what that will be for you. 

3. Buying Other Stuff for Cheap. Who knows, while you are dropping off items to get your cash back, you could end up finding something you want to own. if so, turn your cash right back around with us and end up with something you love! 

Start Your Summer Sweep wit Blade Runners Pawn Today!