At Blade Runners Pawn in Winston Salem, NC, we are a pawn shop of the people, for the people, meaning we are your one stop shop for quick cash when you need it most. Anybody that needs a quick fix to pay their bills can rely on our pawn shop Forsyth County team to help them buy, sell, or trade their guns, jewelry, electronics, video games, and movies.

If you’re planning on selling a gun at a pawn shop, there are a few things that you should know. For example, every pawn shop must follow federal and state regulations. Make sure that when you bring your gun to a pawn shop, it is NOT loaded first and foremost and that you have it in a secured case. In addition, you will need to bring proof that the gun is registered in your name. Also, be sure to bring your driver’s license to verify your identity.

If you want to pawn your gun, keep in mind that you will be subject to a background check when you’re ready to get it back, just the same as if you were buying it for the first time. When you pawn your gun, you are using it as collateral for a loan. Once you pay the loan back in full, you can get your gun, or other pawned materials back. If you’re unable to repay your loan at the agreed terms, then the gun becomes property of the pawn shop, which it can then sell to someone else. 

If you want to buy a gun from a pawn shop, you’ll have to go through the same procedures that you would when you buy a gun from any other legal gun dealer, including a background check. Make sure that when you purchase from a pawn shop, they are a licensed firearms dealer.

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or pawn a firearm, come to see us at Bladerunners Pawn Shop in Winston Salem, NC.