Need a loan? Come see Blade Runners Pawn Shop today! We loan money for many, many different things! 
If you have an attic, basement, or storage unit full of items that have value, but that are only gathering dust, you might consider visiting our Winston-Salem, NC and Forsyth County pawnshop. If so, know that we can help you find a suitable, short-term solution for your financial circumstances. Embarrassed? Do not be. We have your back!
Here are 6 Considerations You Want to Keep in Mind.
  1. Red Tape of Ownership. As a buyer of your products, or merchandise, we have to ensure that you are the owner of the property that we sell. All you may need to confirm your identity is a valid, government issued ID. 
  2. What to Sell and Not Sell. For the best possible return on your product, try to sell items that are not outdated or cheap. Instead, try to sell items like jewelry, firearms, Grade A tools, or musical instruments. 
  3. Interest Rates and Dollars and Cents. The interest rate on items varies from state to state, and it is not cut-and-dry. Need details? Speak with a Blade Runners Pawn professional team member today. 
  4. Getting the Loan. We help you find some value in your items for when you need a quick fix. Note: our loans are collateral based, meaning we work with you to find financial solutions and repayment plans. 
  5. Repaying the Loan. You can return the balance on your item during a period of months or you can allow our pawn shop to keep the item, which happens if you never return to claim it. 
  6. Do Not Be Afraid. You do not have to be embarrassed or afraid about entering a pawn shop to help secure your finances. Blade Runners Pawn Shop wants to work with you during those tight situations. 

Our pawn shop Forsyth County team is willing to work with you today.