At Blade Runners Pawn in Winston Salem, NC, we are a pawn shop of the people, for the people, meaning we are your one stop shop for quick cash when you need it most. Anybody that needs a quick fix to pay their bills can rely on our pawn shop Forsyth County team to help them buy, sell, or trade their guns, jewelry, electronics, video games, and movies.

If you’re struggling to make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not the only one. Between unemployment, cut hours, or sickness, many Americans are noticing a shortage in their finances right now. Fortunately, we, at Blade Runners Pawn, are here to help you make ends meet when times are tough.

Whether you want to sell a few things for some extra cash, or you want a loan to get you through until your next pay day, we have a number of options to help you get by during these unprecedented times. 

If you are interested in getting a loan, bring in some items to sell. We will hold your things for a while so you can repay the loan. We can work with you to find a reasonable repayment plan that works for you. We will also discuss interest rates and all of the other financial details with you. If you fall on hard times and are unable to repay your loan, don’t worry. We will simply keep the items you brought in to sell, and you won’t have to worry about repaying the loan. This gives you a safety net in case something unexpected happens.

When times get tough, remember that you still have options. For a loan to help you make ends meet, come to see us today at Blade Runners Pawn in Winston Salem, NC to discuss your options.