As you kick back, relax, and enjoy the heat of summer in Winston-Salem, NC, remember that now is a great time to clean sweep your home. By that, we mean it is a great time to sift through everything you own to figure out what you need and don’t need. Notably, if you come across items like tool kits, jewelry, guns, electronics, or even industrial equipment, feel free to bring it by Blade Runners Pawn Shop for quick, easy cash for your summer adventures.

So much is happening in Winston-Salem, NC, especially in the summer! Book fairs, musical concerts, 5k colors runs, and so much more. The only way to enjoy it in comfort is to make sure you have spare room and spare change for everything you may want to bring home.You make spare room by going through your home closet by closet and ridding yourself of items worth pawning that you no longer need. Also be sure to check under your bed and your other surroundings. Who knows what valuable electronics (TVs, video games, DVD players, etc.) are sitting what right in front of you. Movies you no longer want? Video games? Video game systems? It could be that you are sitting on your summer cash.

Pawning allows you to:

  • make quick money in Winston-Salem, NC by giving away items that you already own but do not need
  • keep ownership of items if want to earn to them back through loans
  • get loans in the event that money is a little tight for you right now

Thankfully,Blade Runners Pawn is conveniently located in Winston-Salem, NC and we offer a variety of pawning services for our customers. Who knows? You may even find the item you have been looking for. And, as far as loans are concerned, you can always speak with any of our friendly and discreet loan officers.

Get Cash for Your Summer Needs with Blade Runners Pawn!