Blade Runners Pawn Shop in Winston Salem, NC is the place to go if you need cash fast, whether that’s from a loan or selling your goods. We buy and sell all types of jewelry. Our exceptional bargains apply to both silver and gold, and other precious materials. If you want to get the most for your family jewels, let Blade Runners Pawn Shop be your buyer.

Here are a few tips for selling your jewelry to us:

  • Clean it before you bring it to us. There are a variety of inexpensive jewelry cleaners available at most retailers.
  • Have realistic expectations. Whatever your insurance company valued your piece of jewelry it as the retail price. Pawn shops have to resell your item and to make a profit, we cannot pay you the retail price for your jewelry.
  • Do some research beforehand so that you know the approximate value of your jewelry and what it would likely go for at a pawn shop. This will give you a more realistic idea about the offer you should expect. Even then, iti’s still best to remain open to offers.

If you need fast cash, come see us at Blade Runners Pawn Shop in Winston Salem, NC where we are happy to buy your jewelry, electronics, guns, tools, and video games.