At Blade Runners Pawn in Winston Salem, NC, we are a pawn shop of the people, for the people, meaning we are your one stop shop for quick cash when you need it most. Anybody that needs a quick fix to pay their bills can rely on our pawn shop Forsyth County team to help them buy, sell, or trade their guns, jewelry, electronics, video games, and movies.

Whether you’re looking for some extra cash, you’re trying to clean out your home, or you have electronics that you’re just not using anymore, selling your electronics is an easy and effective way to make some money. Here are some tips to help you make sure that you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to selling your electronics:

  • Make sure that you bring all of the parts to your electronics, including the box and instructions if you still have them. 
  • Clean your electronics before you bring them in.
  • Make sure that your electronics are functioning before you try to sell them. This one might seem obvious, but some people bring in electronics that they haven’t used in a while only to find out that they don’t work anymore.
  • Do some research to get an idea of what your electronics are worth so that you have  realistic expectations before you come in.
  • Before you sell your electronics, be sure to erase/delete any personal apps, information, photographs, etc. from the device.

If you’re trying to make some extra cash this year, or you just want to declutter your home, selling your unused electronics is a great way to do just that. You can even trade in your old cellphone to put down money towards a new and improved one. So, be sure to come and see us at Blade Runners Pawn in Winston Salem, NC.