How to Sell Tools for Extra Cash

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Many people don’t know that tools are some of the most valuable household items when it comes to resale value. Household tools, lawn care tools, and power tools can equal extra money in your wallet. If your garage is cluttered with unused tools, keep reading.

How to Sell Tools for Extra Cash

Here’s how to sell tools for extra cash:

  • Consider your inventory and your goals. If you have a lot of tools to sell, you may want to prioritize those that stand to earn you the most. Brand-name power tools in good condition will sell for more. Do some research on current prices for your tools and their resale values. Based on what you have, formulate a price range you hope to obtain for them.
  • Maximize potential. Think about how you can maximize each tool’s value. Cleaning them up, replacing used components with new replacements, and providing the original packaging and manuals will all help you get top dollar for your tools. Don’t forget to charge any batteries and provide charging cords as necessary.
  • Be ready to talk up your tools. To sell tools, it helps to demonstrate their usefulness, condition, and value. Don’t hesitate to tell a pawnbroker how well you’ve maintained your tools and how reliable they are.
  • Optimize the season. It helps to sell your tools in spring or summer when homeowners and contractors are more likely to need tools.

Don’t let your tools waste away in your garage. If they’re in good condition, it’s easy to sell tools for some extra cash.