Three Things to Know Before You Sell Electronics

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These days, electronics have a way of accumulating around your home. Figuring out what to do with them can be a hassle, but the good news is you can make some extra money by selling your gently used electronics. However, you do need to consider a few things before you part with your devices.

Three Things to Know Before You Sell Electronics

Here are three things to know before you sell electronics:

  1. Know their value. As you can imagine, devices do not tend to hold their value for long. As frustrating as it can be, having a clear understanding of your devices’ value before you set out to sell them will put you in a position to negotiate a fair price. Consider the age, functionality, and condition of each gadget. If your electronics are more than a few years old, have any glitches, or signs of wear and tear, selling them might not be worthwhile.
  2. Know that your data is secure. Especially when it comes to devices like tablets and computers, personal data is always a factor if you’re going to sell electronics. Even smart TV’s have your personal data connected to subscriptions and services. It is always essential that you back up and remove all personal data from a device before you sell it. Once you have all your data backed up, complete a factory reset on each device to ensure all personal data is completely removed.
  3. Know who you’re selling to. Research your selling options before you sell electronics. A pawn shop like ours is a great way to quickly get your old tablets and laptops out of your way, as we are experienced in handling the sale efficiently. But not all pawn shops are created equal. Research customer reviews and ratings, so you can trust that you are getting a fair deal.