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When you need money but have few means of getting it, we can provide you with a pawn loan.

In an ideal world, you would have all the money you need, and you wouldn’t have to stress about it, but the truth is that it can be hard to make ends meet at times. When you have expenses you can’t pay for yet and you need a quick solution in the meantime, we’re here to help. Here at BLADE RUNNERS PAWN LLC, we are a pawn shop that helps people from the Winston-Salem, North Carolina community and surrounding areas get the extra cash they need, and we can help you, too.

Pawn Loan in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Usually when you need a loan, you go to a bank to ask for one, but that may not be the option you need at the moment. Maybe you have low credit or you just need to get a little bit of money quickly to sustain you until your next paycheck. In cases like these, we can provide you with a pawn loan instead. To get a pawn loan, come to our shop and bring in an item you own that you’re willing to use as collateral. This could be something like jewelry or an electronic device. From there, we’ll assess the item’s value and decide whether to offer you the loan. If your item is valuable enough for us to offer you a pawn loan in good faith, we’ll offer you a percentage of the item’s value and send you on your way with the money. After you have repaid the loan during the agreed period, we’ll return your item to you.

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FAQs About Pawn Loans

Our local team here at BLADE RUNNERS PAWN LLC strives to do whatever we can to help out members of our community, whether they’re looking for a unique item to purchase or selling something to us. However, we do more than simply buy and sell items—we also offer pawn loans when you’re in need of quick cash. Check out the frequently asked questions below to learn more about pawn loans and whether they might be right for you.

What are pawn loans?

A pawn loan is a short-term agreement in which a borrower gives a pawn shop a valuable item in exchange for cash. The pawn shop will determine the value of the item and offer cash to the borrower. The difference between getting a pawn loan and simply selling the item is that you can get your item back by repaying the loan, which is typically a percentage of the item’s actual value.

How do you qualify for a pawn loan?

Unlike a loan from a bank, pawn loans don’t require you to meet any income requirements or have a certain credit score. Simply bring your valuable item into our pawn shop, and we’ll offer a loan amount based on the item’s estimated value.

What items can be used as collateral?

Our pawn shop accepts a wide variety of items for collateral, including jewelry, electronics, collectibles, and so much more. Just keep in mind that the amount of money you’ll qualify for will depend on the condition of the item, how rare it is, what market conditions are like, and other variables. If you have any questions about what things we do or do not accept, please give us a call.



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