3 Interesting Pawn Shop Facts You Didn’t Know

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At BLADE RUNNERS PAWN LLC, our pawn shop opened here in Winston-Salem, North Carolina back in 2009. Over the years, we have helped many people buy and sell valuable items as well as get the short-term loans they need. And while most people are familiar with pawn shops, there are a lot of things very few people know about them.

3 Interesting Pawn Shop Facts You Didn’t Know

Here are 3 interesting pawn shop facts you probably don’t know:

  1. Pawn Shops Have Been Around for Thousands of Years- You may or may not be surprised to learn that pawnbroking has one of the oldest types of loans. The origins of pawn shops can be traced back to China over 3,000 years ago. Back then, pawnbrokers would grant peasants a small credit that they would be expected to pay back at a later time.
  2. The Pawnbrokers’ Symbol Is Thought to Be Linked to the Medici Family- The origin of the pawnbrokers’ symbol, which is three spheres suspended from a bar, is unknown. However, one popular theory is that this symbol was part of the Medici family crest.
  3. The Most Pawned Items May Not Be What You Think- If you are like many people, you probably think of rings, necklaces, and other jewelry when pawns shops come to mind. But according to Statista, most Americans actually pawn electronics when they need cash.

If you need to pawn an item, visit our shop or contact us today. We are happy to answer questions and be of assistance to you.